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  • Emblm Technology

    Complete customization

    Turn your device into a canvas using Emblm's design tool. Have a personal image? Upload it for your personal Emblm. Need ideas? Scroll through the Emblm gallery and choose from a selection of stock images.

  • Emblm Technology

    High resolution graphics

    Emblm's printing process is compatible with almost any image file and prints directly on the back door of your device in beautiful high resolution. Bring your graphics to life. You've never seen a device like this!

  • Emblm Technology

    Scratch resistant finish

    With our proprietary coating, you won't have to worry about your Emblm fading or scratching. For additional protection, Emblm offers hard, transparent cases that showcase your Emblm and protect your device.

  • Emblm Technology

    Delivered to your door

    We ship your Emblm backs directly to your door. Simply pop off your original back plate and pop on your Emblm back for a completely integrated, customization solution. Experience the natural feel that skins and cases just can't provide.

Emblm Marketplace

Creativity is core to Emblm! That's why we built the Marketplace where you can submit your original art to the Emblm gallery. Emblm will pay you a royalty for every time your image is ordered. Best of all, anyone can submit to the marketplace.

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